Contagious Cavities and Your Children

  Dear Dr. Nelson, I was told a mother can give a child cavities because they are contagious… is this true?      Kristen Davis | Glastonbury, CT Dear Kristen, As strange as it may sound, the statement that “cavities may be contagious” is not too far from the truth. But I think the most helpful answer will first include a quick... read more »

“Smile” to Do Well in a Job Interview? “Maybe.”

When it comes to job hunting and interviewing, everyone understands the importance of a positive first impression. From clothing to hair to resume, employment consultants and recruiters agree that a positive appearance can often be the deciding factor among qualified candidates. But appearance attributes extend beyond last-minute, pre-interview prepping and grooming. Your smile strongly influences how you will be received—and... read more »

Flash a Great “Wedding Smile” on the Big Day—and for Many Years to Come!

For brides and grooms everywhere, photos and videos are planned as a way to document the beauty and excitement of their special event. Emotions of the big day are captured through images revealing eyes glistening with tears of joy—and smiles sparkling with pure happiness. That is, unless those smiles are tainted from the effects of poor dental health. With all... read more »

Sensitive Teeth Can “Hurt Your Feelings”

Does the idea of biting into a frozen ice cream cone make you cringe? Do you find brushing, or flossing, or even just rinsing a painful ordeal? Do you have to wait for hot beverages to cool down before you can sip them? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are not alone. A recent survey conducted... read more »

8 Great Tips to Cure Your Husband’s Bad Breath!

  Dear Dr. Nelson,Lately I have noticed my husband’s breath becoming increasingly unpleasant. Not always, but often at times when it can be most embarrassing (when company is visiting or we are enjoying a “date night”). I don’t want to embarrass him by making a big deal out of it, but I am really hoping this isn’t just a condition... read more »

A “New Year Resolution” to Start Eating for “33!”

  As the excitement of celebrating a new year quickly fades, so do commitments to resolutions focused on self improvement. “Eating healthier” and “becoming more fit” have always been popular “promise to myself” resolutions . And while veering from those goals may produce obvious consequences related to body image—it can also lead to partially hidden consequences regarding your dental health.... read more »

“Ramping Up” to Better Serve our Cosmetic Dental Patients!

  Operating a modern cosmetic dental practice within the walls of a nationally recognized historic treasure delivers many delightful, aesthetic benefits—but also many design challenges!Built in 1803, the Jacob Pledger House has been the home to Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry for over 25 years. The building is listed as a significant and protected property on the National Register of Historic Places. This... read more »

A Life-Saving Dental X-Ray? Now That’s Something to Smile About!

According to the American Dental Association, dentists are committed to delivering the “highest quality care” to patients on an individual basis to ensure the safest and most effective treatments possible. This includes the skilled use of today’s most advanced technology—including high detection, low radiation digital X-ray. Everyone understands the main purpose of dental X-rays is to determine the health and... read more »

Top 5 Reasons for Metal Filling Replacement

Dark, shiny “metal” tooth filling therapy has long been used by dentists as a way of halting tooth decay. Often referred to as amalgam filling therapy, this process removes part of the tooth affected by decay, and then fills the area with a semi-soft metal. While usually successful (at least when initially administered), this solution focused solely on short-term dental... read more »

Welcome to the New ACD Website and Blog!

Whether you are an existing patient—or someone in search of a more relaxing, more effective dental experience—you’ll find our new, improved website filled with helpful information.For starters, we’ve switched our website URL (our website name) from “” to “” —a change we think better communicates on internet searches exactly what we do.We’ve also added the domain name “” as an... read more »