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Welcome to the New ACD Website and Blog!

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Whether you are an existing patient—or someone in search of a more relaxing, more effective dental experience—you’ll find our new, improved website filled with helpful information.

For starters, we’ve switched our website URL (our website name) from “DrPeterNelson.com” to “AdvancedCosmeticDentistryCT.com” —a change we think better communicates on internet searches exactly what we do.

We’ve also added the domain name “TheOneDentist.com” as an alternate website name. TheOneDentist.com is easier to remember, easier to type in a web browser, and automatically reroutes the visitor to our main site. It also reminds folks of the many “One Dentist” advantages we provide.  
Along with being easier to view on any browsing device, our new site features an expanded smile gallery, and a new introductory video that zeros-in on the PRIMARY benefit we offer: life improving smiles for patients who have always dreamed of having a healthy, sparkling smile.

Our new website also includes this new blog, “Ask the One Dentist.” Created to deliver advice, answers, tips, and important dental health updates, I intend to make this blog an open forum for patients and friends alike. I welcome your questions or comments, and will do my best to respond as appropriate. My goal is to present the facts regarding complicated dental procedures and breakthroughs in a way that is easy to understand and evaluate. This blog also provides a forum for announcing positive news regarding ACD, our staff, and the people and community we serve.

Finally, I would like to mention that almost every page of our new site includes a link inviting you to schedule a FREE consultation—and for good reason. So many of my patients tell me after the fact that they wish they had scheduled a fact-finding visit earlier (often, after having unsatisfactory work done elsewhere). A free consultation visit really is the best and ONLY way to know for certain what would be needed to help you realize or maintain a healthy, picture-perfect smile. If you are in search for the “best solution” to address your current dental health, there will never be a better time than right now to schedule a no-pressure visit.

I promise an informative, friendly experience — one that will leave you smiling!