Combining Experience With Technology

Peter Nelson, DDS

Dr. Peter Nelson founded Advanced Cosmetic and Family Dentistry with two distinct goals. First, he wanted to bring the many aesthetic and health advantages of superior cosmetic dental techniques to Connecticut. As this website’s smile gallery and testimonials will attest, today, Dr. Nelson and his dedicated crew have successfully done just that!

Dr. Peter Nelson — The One Dentist You’ll See Every Time You Visit!
Second (and just as important), Dr. Nelson wanted to be the one dentist that eliminated the fear and anxiety many patients feel by offering gentle procedures, sedation options and personal care that make the experience feel more like a trip to a spa than a dental office. That is why Dr. Nelson is the one dentist you will see each and every time you visit, ensuring you always get the uncommon level of gentle, sincere, personal care that has earned him statewide acclaim.

Dr. Peter Nelson — The One Dentist Other Dentists Send Their Families To!
Dr. Peter Nelson is considered one of the area’s true leaders in the art and science of dental cosmetics. His educational and professional accomplishments include continued and advanced training at the world’s most respected dental institutions. Dr. Nelson’s dental degree from Columbia University was followed by training at the Pankey Institute, and also in the D.O.C.S. oral sedation program. There, he received training in the safe application of a variety of sedation techniques to ensure comfort for every patient.

Dr. Nelson also trained (and continues his education) at the respected Las Vegas Institute for advanced dental studies. There, he is registered as an LVI-trained dentist, completing the course levels required to list him as a “full-mouth rehabilitation specialist” — an accomplishment that also resulted in him being listed on These academic accomplishments place him among the elite in his discipline, which explains why so many area dentists seeking care for themselves and their families choose to visit Dr. Peter Nelson.

Dr. Peter Nelson — The One Dentist Who Takes the Time to Listen to You!
Schedule a free consultation today, and you will quickly learn why Dr. Peter Nelson comes so strongly recommended by all his patients and their families. In today’s fast-paced “time-is-money” service climate, Dr. Peter Nelson stands out as a truly rare and caring professional willing to listen and understand your personal needs and concerns, the one dentist driven by a genuine desire to help others achieve a new sense of life-improving self-confidence.